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Download Full Movie + Subtitle Avatar : is long awaited masterpiece film from James Cameron that has been taken from concept to actual movie since his other smash hit movie, Titanic. This Blockbuster hit movie smashed all the current records and made the directors and producers a lot of money.

The plot of the movie is based around a US Marine called Jake Sully who is played by the great actor Sam Worthington. He is in charge of manipulating and controlling a lab experiment that has been especially grown for the purpose of the mission. The lab grown Avatar is a Na'vi who are a jungle tribe of a different sort of being. They are blue skinned, have human features to their faces but also are very tall and have tails. When Jake Sully is awake and the avatar asleep he is his normal human self but when he is linked to his Avatar he is able to become the Avatar moving in step and feeling the same emotions as the actual Avatar. But his mission has a secret alternative, he is not just there to learn more about the Na'vi he is also there to try and get the Na'vi to leave their home world.

This is all aided and created by Grace, the character played by Sigourney Weaver. She wants Jake to get the Na'vi to trust them so that the Na'vi home world can be mined for the precious commodity that lies beneath the surface. But Jake Sully has other ideas when he learns all about the Na'vi and begins to wonder if he is doing the right thing.
The Avatar movie is a pleasure to watch with exciting colors and an amazing representation of trees, flowers and a complete jungle eco-system. James Cameron has really gone above and beyond with this film. His imagery and inventive ideas have allowed the world of traditional film to co-exist with worlds that are normally reserved for expensive game play footage. This combination has worked leaving the viewer spell bound by the easy swifts and switches between the two worlds.

The other well named actors and actresses who feature in the Avatar movie include; Michelle Rodriguez, Joel Moore, and of course as mentioned previously it also stars, Sigourney weaver and Sam Worthington. This action packed four are amazing to watch as they all seem to fit with one another, perfectly acting together in this amazing and insightful film that has many hidden but noticeable themes that make you think quite deeply about the relationships between the two world, the people and Avatars, and also the main fact of Jake Sully's as such "outer body experience" which brings whole new perspective to the film, really making you think about the hidden meanings being placed in the film, that you may not even at first realize are there.

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