Doraemon Full Movie

Release Date: 8 April 1979
Film Type: manga, anime
Played By: Doraemon, Nobita, Shizuka Minamoto,
DORAEMON FILM THE MOVIE is the title of a popular manga authored Fujiko F. Fujio since 1969 and revolves around the life of a child's 5 th grade slacker named Nobi Nobita who was visited by a robot cat named Doraemon who came from the 22nd century. He was sent to help Nobita Nobita to offspring can enjoy his success rather than having to suffer from financial debt - which will happen in the future - which is caused due to ignorance Nobita.

1. Doraemon: blue robot cat from the 22nd century that are sent to the 20th century to help Nobita. Born on September 3, 2112, his favorite food is dorayaki. Doraemon is very loving and loyal to Nobita. Often it helps Nobita although he himself was in distress. Doraemon itself is actually a sophisticated robot created solely by Nobita (Nobita Adult). Doraemon Nobita already created when I was about middle-aged, Doraemon gladly listen to all complaints and help. Doraemon is also able to understand human feelings, be it sadness, fear, anger, joy, sympathy, and other

2. Nobi Nobita, 5 th grade children are lazy and often harassed by the Giant and his friends. Not good at sports and also in school lessons. Even so, he is good at making puzzles, playing and shooting rubber. Its too good and helpful sometimes even dragged him into trouble. Himself from the future often come back with a time machine to send Nobita learn. This is due to laziness Nobita as basic schools which eventually carried further to the level and make her older sorry and try to change it like that.

3. Shizuka Minamoto Girls who like Nobita and in the future will marry him even though at present he is closer to Dekisugi karenya more closeness in the field of intellectual property.

4. Takeshi Goda (nickname: Giant, Jaian) A bully, quick-tempered and very happy to sing even though his voice was inadequate.

5. Suneo Honekawa fox-faced son of a wealthy family who often flaunt his wealth before making Nobita Nobita and Doraemon to be able to whine to compete Suneo. However, Suneo was actually a very spoiled child, give up easily, and cowards.


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