Best Compilation Of Hardcore,Screamo,Metalcore,Punk HC and Death Metal from Indonesia

Feat Artist : 
  1. Boikot 
  2. I Killed My Honey
  3. Deadmaya
  4. Final Step
  5. Final Attack
  6. Berdiri Sendiri
  7. Last Breath Of Jasmine
  8. Hard To Kill
  9. Underpressure
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Band : Boikot
Genre : Hardcore
Country : Surabaya, Indonesia
Official Website : Boikot on Facebook

Boikot - Disaster Victim.mp3 DOWNLOAD
Boikot - Freedoom.mp3 DOWNLOAD

Band : I Killed My Honey
Genre : Screamo / Post Hardcore
Country : Kediri, Indonesia
Official Website :

I Killed My Honey - Dont Leave Me Tonight.mp3 DOWNLOAD
I Killed My Honey - End of The Human Story.mp3 DOWNLOAD
I Killed My Honey - Instinct and Goodbye.mp3 DOWNLOAD
I Killed My Honey - Silence Scream.mp3 DOWNLOAD
I Killed My Honey - Last Tears for Oniella.mp3 DOWNLOAD

Band : Deadmaya
Genre : Hardcore/Metalcore
Country : Jakarta, Indonesia
Official Website :

Deadmaya - My Karma.mp3 DOWNLOAD
Deadmaya - Self Destruction.mp3 DOWNLOAD
Deadmaya - Faceless Martyr.mp3 DOWNLOAD
Deadmaya - Bitch.mp3 DOWNLOAD

final step band hardcore salatiga
Band : Final Step
Genre : Hardcore
Country : Salatiga, Indonesia
Official Website :

Final Step - Salatiga Hardcore Crew.mp3 DOWNLOAD
Final Step - Part Of Life.mp3 DOWNLOAD

Final Attack Band Punk Hardcore Jakarta

Band : Final Attack
Genre : Hardcore / Punk HC
Country : Jakarta, Indonesia
Official Website :

Final Attack - Thank You Note.mp3 DOWNLOAD
Final Attack - Night crawler.mp3 DOWNLOAD
Final Attack - Cant Breakaway.mp3 DOWNLOAD
Final Attack - Abandoned Houses.mp3 DOWNLOAD
Final Attack - September 12th feat.Dodi n Senna.mp3 DOWNLOAD

Band : Berdiri Sendiri
Genre : Punk HC / Hardcore
Country : Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia
Official Website :

Berdiri Sendiri - This Is Our Choice.mp3 DOWNLOAD
Berdiri Sendiri - Straight Edge Crew.mp3 DOWNLOAD
Berdiri Sendiri - The Positif (Vol 1).mp3 DOWNLOAD
Berdiri Sendiri - Fight It Back.mp3 DOWNLOAD
Berdiri Sendiri - Get Up Stand Up.mp3 DOWNLOAD

Band : Last Breath Of Jasmine
Genre : Hardcore / Metalcore
Country : Malang, Indonesia
Official Website :
Last Breath Of Jasmine - Kill Your Self.mp3 DOWNLOAD
Last Breath Of Jasmine - Pass The Wall Of Death.mp3 DOWNLOAD

Band : Hard To Kill
Genre : Death Metal / Hardcore
Country : Jakarta Timur, Indonesia
Official Website :

Hard To Kill - Amarah Jiwa.mp3 DOWNLOAD
Hard To Kill - Berpesta Hancurkan Kesucian.mp3 DOWNLOAD

Band : Underpressure
Genre : Hardcore / Metalcore / Screamo
Country : Bandung, IndonesiaOfficial Website :

Underpressure - Tiga Sisi Yang Hilang.mp3 DOWNLOAD
Underpressure - Pain.mp3 DOWNLOAD
Underpressure - Romantic Suicide.mp3 DOWNLOAD
Underpressure - Lady (A Song For A Pixie).mp3 DOWNLOAD
Underpressure - Asunder For Something Called Gift (Live Track).mp3 DOWNLOAD

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