How to Install Windows 7 From Flashdisk

If one day you want to install or upgrade the OS Windows 7 on a netbook, you might ask, is it possible can be done without using an external DVD? At the tips this time, we will try to give you a tutorial on how to install Windows 7 without having to use an external DVD.

Installing Windows 7 using a flash disk is basically the same as when you install using the DVD installer pieces. Most important job is not in the install process but at the time of the preparation process so that the flash disk can be used to boot and there already exist a file system of Windows 7 ready to be transferred to the netbook.

This trick is using the software Windows 7 USB / DVD that can be found on the Microsoft website for free. The following are the steps to create a bootable Windows 7 along with the installer file into the flash disk:

Preparation Phase:

  1. Prepare flash disk with a minimum capacity of 4GB. Format flash disk using the NTFS format. Details can be diliha on the picture below.
    Cara Mudah Menginstall Windows 7 Dari Flash Disk Image
  2. Prepare the installer ISO file of Windows 7. If you do not have, you can change the DVD to form an ISO file using Nero or Ashampoo. Choose according your desire.
  3. Download the Windows 7 USB / DVD Tool here 
File Transfer Process:
  1. Install the file that you downloaded earlier.
  2. Finish the install process, run the application.
  3. Follow the process as other software. If prompted to insert a file that need to be copied to a CD, select the ISO file of Windows 7 that you have
    Cara Mudah Menginstall Windows 7 Dari Flash Disk Image
  4. After that, proceed with selecting a USB which will be in the contents of the file Windows 7 and continue by clicking the button Begin copying.
    Cara Mudah Menginstall Windows 7 Dari Flash Disk Image
  5. follow the process through to completion.
Try to open the flash disks and see, there is some file which is used for booting. If all is done, use flash disk to install Windows 7 into a netbook with no internal DVD.


Q) In the example above, the process is using Windows 7. Can it be implemented in Windows XP?
A) Able to record your Windows XP already installed Net Framework version 2, which can be found at Microsoft's official website. Click here  to get it.

Q) Is any other files needed if using Windows XP?
A) You need an application called Image Mastering API v2.0  here for free.

It's finished, now Windows 7 is installed properly you can use a flash disk. Good luck and good luck.

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